What do I get for free with my first order?

You get an instruction board, brochure material, 2 plastic sample feet for free at the first order, of 350 €, excl VAT.
With an order of 500 €, excluding VAT, you also get a counter display, and with an order of 1000 €, excluding VAT, you even get a large display.

Can I order the slippers, laces or accessories separately?

 Yes, of course you can. Mix and match! For a small amount you make a completely new slipper again.

How do I know which size to take?

- The slippers are slightly smaller than the Eropean sizes. Are you in doubt? Then consult our size chart.

How many slippers do I need to order per size?

A good size bow (quantity of slippers to be ordered per size) is:

36 t / m 43: 1-1-2-3-3-3-1-1

  What size are the laces?
- Approximately 1.40 meters pro lace. They are easy to cut to size.

 NOTE: It may be that one  is smaller than the other lace in a set, this has to do with the stretch.
 You just tie the smallest band because it is more stretchable.
In a combination of leather and fabric, first tie the fabrics and then put the leather around nicely.

Are the laces comfortable and do i have enough support?
- Most laces are made of textile with stretch. It feels soft and comfortable and stays very well.
 If you want a lot of support then opt for a band set with light stretch. Look at the videos for information about strengthening the slipper.

It looks like I'm walking off my high slippers
If you feel that your toes always have to 'adjust' then you have laces for your feet with too much stretch.
 Then buy a  set with a leather cord or a set with less stretch.
 Also check out the movies with tips to be more solid on your slipper

Can I wash the laces?
- Yes you can with a warm hand wash or 30gr. Here, too, was color by color.

Do you have any more questions? Contact info@bandajanas.com

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